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Learn the Essential Skills of Wrestling

Fundamental drills from Top Youth Wrestling Coach Pablo Ubasa. Plus insight from Coaches and Olympic Champions Dan Gable, Tom Brands and Terry Brands. Whether you’re a youth or high school wrestler or you want to teach your child, this series is essential for all wrestlers.

“When you learn fundamentals skills of wrestling, things that are really essential… if you incorporate those into all aspects of your wrestling… you’re going to advance better because you have these skills”

– Coach Dan Gable

“It’s really hard to be successful in wrestling without the basics… If I’m looking for funk… I’m not gonna have success. My assignment is to learn basics and do basics first and foremost.”

– Coach Terry Brands

“All the sudden you saw something from Ubasa’s youth programs that was pretty unique… kids were doing very well!  I think it is his use of the essential skills”

– Coach Dan Gable on Pablo Ubasa

This Series Teaches the 8 Skills Any Wrestler Must Master for Success with Extended Advice from Dan Gable, Tom and Terry Brands, plus Full Practice Session Using Essential Skills.

Learn Essential Skills of Wrestling from Top Iowa Coaches

Gain insight, drills, practice sessions and fundamentals your youth and teen wrestler needs
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Having the opportunity to share the Essential Skills every wrestler needs from legends of Iowa Wrestling like Dan Gable, Tom & Terry Brands and great youth coach Pablo Ubasa is a true highlight of my television career.
Mike Billingsley

Producer / Director, Action Television

This new VIDEO SERIES features lowa Youth Coach Pablo Ubasa. Along with many Youth Champions, Pablo was the coach of NCAA Champions Matt McDonough & Jay Borschel

Plus get extended insight on each skill from Legends Dan Gable, Terry Brands and Tom Brands in this rare wrestling Video Series. Full length discussions that every coach and wrestler will find extremely valuable.

"Your wrestler will improve or your money back!"